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Mintlaw Primary School

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Wee John

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:02 pm    Post subject: Mintlaw Primary School Reply with quote

A Letter to Aberdeenshire H.Q.     by: Creighton, Elma

Dear Sir, or tae fa it micht concern:

I'm writin tae ye tae compleen aboot the affa traffic congestion at Mintlaw Primary School, especially on a weet Friday efterneen aboot three o'clock fin aa the bairnies get oot.
Aa the mithers arrive in hordes wi muckle cars an yon fower–wheel drive jeep like things tae collect usually ae bairn.

They aa crood inno the car park till it's stappit fu, an then they proceed tae park heid tae tail alang the road.
Aa hell brakks oot fin the buses an larries try tae get throw in baith directions an afore ye ken there's a hootin an tootin o horns that wad fear ye.

Ither cars try tae get intae the car park as the first o them try tae get oot, an nane o them will give way. Patience an unnerstaunin disna come inno it at aa.
Some bonnie day, or maybe some rainy day, there's gaun tae be a smash or somebody hurt, bit that wid be ower late seen.

There's plenty grun on the ither side o the car park that the bairns niver use fur playin on.
Widn't it be reasonable tae takk a bit o that grass an enlarge the car park?
That, tae me, wid be common sense, bit yon cooncil lads are nae gifted wi yon, or sae it wid seem.
I hiv brocht this maitter up afore wi cooncillors, an aa that I get fae them is 'I'll look into it.'

I think they maun be needin their glaisses cheenged, or surely they wid hae seen fit I meant e'er this time.

If yer nae ower busy drinkin tea, maybe ye'd hae time tae reply tae my letter!

An enraged voter.

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