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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:26 am    Post subject: Glesga Reply with quote

As Ah dinnae belang tae the NE nor Dundee bit raither a wee bit farther tae the West, Ah hid tae post this. Enjoy:

The Glasgow That I Used to Know

   (Adam McNaughtan)

   Oh where is the Glasgow where Ah used tae stay
   The white wally closes done up wi' pipe clay
   Where you knew every neighbour frae first floor tae third
   And to keep your door locked was considered absurd
   Well, do you know the folk staying next door tae you

   Oh where is the wee shop where Ah used tae buy
   A quarter of totties, a tuppenny pie
   A bag o' broken bisquits and three sody scones
   And the woman aye asked, How's your Maw gettin' on
   Can your big supermarkets gie you service like that

   And where is the fitba' that Ah played and saw
   The fair shoulder charge and the tannery ba'
   There was nae four-three-three, there was nae four-two-four
   And your mates didnae kiss you each time that you scored
   Is the game, like Big Woodburn, suspended sine die

   Oh where are the weans who once played in the street
   Wi' jorries, a peerie, or a gird wi' a cleek
   Can they still cadge a hudgie or dreep aff a dyke
   Or is writing on walls noo the one thing they like
   Can they tell Chickie Mellie frae Hunch, Cuddy, Hunch

   And where is the tramcar that once did the ton
   Doon the Great Western Road, on the old Yoker run
   The conductress aye knew how tae deal wi' a nyaff
   If you're goin', then get on, if you're no', then get aff
   Are there ony like her on the buses the day

   And where is the chip shop that Ah knew so well
   The wee corner cafe where they used tae sell
   Hot peas and bray, and McCallum's and pokes
   And you knew they were Tallies as soon as they spoke
   Do you want a-da-raspberry o'er your ice-a-cream

   Oh where is the Glasgow that Ah used tae know
   Big Wullie, wee Shooie, the steamie, the Co
   The shilpit wee bauchle, the glaiket big dreep
   The ba' on the slates, and your gas in a peep
   If you scrape the veneer aff, are these things still there

   jorrie - marble
   peerie - top
   gird wi' a cleek - hoop with a stick
   cadge a hudgie - sneak a ride
   dreep aff a dyke - slither down a wall
   Chickie Mellie &
   Hunch, Cuddy, Hunch - street games
   nyaff - (invariably 'wee nyaff' untranslatable) objectionable and complaining little fellow
   roughly a person who is irritating rather than infuriating, whose capacity to annoy and inspire contempt is just about in scale with his diminutive size, and the cockiness that goes with it
   McCallum's - ice-cream
   steamie - wash-house
   the Co - the Co-op shop
   shilpit - sickly-looking
   shilpit wee bauchle - (untranslatable) undersized and insignificant man
   small, usually old and often misshapen person
   glaiket big dreep - (untranslatable) not very bright, tall and mournful

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