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Keeping Avast FREE
Avast Internet Security causing BSOD BAD POOL CALLER
Security reviews & everything else on your 'putter.
Senior trying to set a password
10bit start menu
Amazon Echo
Web of Trust.
New Microsoft support scam - can run right away or delay.
Which browser do you use on your phone?
Slight Problem
Linux 25 Years
Still being bothered with W10 - Get rid of notification etc.
Restore Point Creator Windows Vista, W7, W8 W8.1 W10
Firefox tips and add-on links
Sky Go
Roboform and Firefox
FREE Programmes
SSD Drive. Fat jock!
Windows 10 and a new SSD
Microsoft says to unstall updtes after computers Blue Screen
New Computer
Mobile phone browsers.
Why I Hate Windows 8
Google Ads
Nook HD
Firefox not loading!!!
Chrome Browser
What is the worst
New Firefox
Radio Stations.
Monitor Driver
Handy Speed Test
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